Situated in Ontario, Elkh Art Foundry is one of the best service providers when it comes to home designing and renovation.

Solid Work Experience from Elkh Art Foundry

Elkh Art Foundry began its business operations back in the year 2000. The company started because of the determination and efforts of Lisa Frank and Charlie Winters.

Lisa was an experienced home designer, and Charlie, an expert builder. Together, they shared their talents and high-quality services to the locals of Toronto. After nearly two decades of being in service, Elkh Art Foundry is now continuously catering to the home designing and renovation needs of anyone in and around Ontario.

Modern, Elegant, and Sophisticated Designs

You will not be disappointed with what our designers can do for you. Our group of home stylists and interior designers can provide you with anything from modern and sleek designs to classic and elegant ones. Just let us know what you want, and we’ll make it happen!

High-Quality Work That Can Stand the Test of Time

Of course, we, at Elkh Art Foundry, are well-aware that beauty is nothing if the quality of work is inferior. We equally value high quality and hardwearing work. Our builders and contractors always work with diligence and meticulousness to make sure that your home is as durable and well-made.